The BICYCLIST Challenge

Sponsorship of The BICYCLIST Challenge by the BAT


The BICYCLIST Challenge is comprised of team-accredited routes, events and rides that meet specific criteria. New challenges are released in BICYCLIST Magazine, and on the BICYCLIST Experience podcast, with maps and additional guidance available for open Challenges and awards. Completing and submitting three Challenges in 365-days provides an induction to the ‘Triple Scoop Association‘. The bicyclist with the most completed Challenges in a calendar year is awarded the ‘Cheesecake Supreme‘ and all privileges and rewards of title, including a new bike. No cost to enter, void where prohibited. Read the terms. Don’t kill yourself to be Cheesecake Supreme.

Authors of Record
Chris Reynolds
John Woodson


The BICYCLIST Challenge

BICYCLIST Challenges are team-accredited routes, events and rides that meet specific criteria, including the following:

  • Routes 125+ miles
  • Routes 100+ miles with 100% of route over 6,000’ 
  • Routes 85+ miles with 1:60 miles to climbing feet
  • Routes 75+ miles outside the USA 
  • Routes 65+ miles with 1:100 miles to climbing feet

New challenges are released in BICYCLIST Magazine and on the BICYCLIST Experience podcast. To participate in creating challenges, pledge the BAT and join the BICYCLIST Community Discord Server, where rules, routes and methodologies are debated, ratified and agreed upon. Open challenges can be found below. ↓

The BICYCLIST Challenge Patch, 2019 - Iteration #027
The BICYCLIST Challenge Patch, 2019 - Iteration #027

Your Invitation to Adventure

Finishing but one BICYCLIST Challenge would put you at the top 1% of human achievement on a bicycle. Completing three challenges in a 365-day period will reward you with induction to the BICYCLIST Challenge ‘Triple Scoop Association’, the first step in becoming a full-fledged member of the BAT. Or complete the most Challenges in a year to be awarded Cheesecake Supreme. There is no need to be a member to join the party. Party-goers benefit from guidance, additional information to complete challenges and access to the BAT community, but submitting an entry to the BICYCLIST Challenge is FREE.

Triple Scoop Association (The Other TSA)

  • RECOGNITION: All TSA inductees are recognized in BICYCLIST Magazine, on The BICYCLIST Experience podcast, and on the leaderboards (coming soon)
  • ACCESS: Inductees of the TSA get access to content, invites to special events, access to the BICYCLIST Discord server and so much more.
  • PROVISIONS: The BICYCLIST Challenge patch, a custom designed and manufactured token of achievement, to hang from the rooftops, your backpack, or the cubical wall- a reminder of your disciplined accomplishment, even when the electricity goes down. Finish three Challenges in a year and we will mail you a custom, limited-edition patch. Simple.

The Cheesecake Supreme

The rider with the most submitted BICYCLIST Challenges for the calendar year will be designated the ‘Cheesecake Supreme’, will WIN A BIKE and be profiled in a future issue of BICYCLIST Magazine, and the BICYCLIST Experience podcast.

Ready to Roll?

After completing a BICYCLIST Challenge, submit your GPS link below to record your effort and gain entry on the Challenge board.

Sign up for the BICYCLIST Newsletter to stay informed on updates to the BICYCLIST Challenge. New challenges are released in BICYCLIST Magazine with maps and guidance for making the most of your time in the saddle. It’s going to be mental metal.

You can learn more about available and eligible challenges in issues 151, 152, and 155 of BICYCLIST Magazine containing route guides with more information  to make the most of your time in the saddle.


Before you begin your quest, a couple notes to keep in mind:

  • We are platform agnostic, but can recommend Strava as a free option to record your rides.
  • All entries get processed by our team of ride verification experts who spot motorcycles, mopeds, cars and other assistive technologies used to spoof the Challenge. Cheating will get you banned, don’t do it.
  • Class 1,2 and 3 electric bikes are allowed to complete challenges though many events that qualify as challenges do not allow them. Plan accordingly.


Proposed changes discussed, debated and ratified by the BAT:

  • No Challenge may be counted twice for the ‘Triple Scoop’.
  • Repeated challenges are accepted for ‘The Cheesecake Supreme’, but each must exists as a unique GPS activity.
  • Rules are subject to change. To complain, make suggestions or contribute to The BICYCLIST Challenge, join the BAT party.