Cycle Monkey’s introduction of Zerode Bicycles with their Pinion Gear-equipped, endure carbon bike.

Cycle Monkey is excited to announce the upcoming availability of gearbox-equipped enduro bikes from New Zealand brand Zerode Bicycles. Representing the first production carbon fiber full suspension gearbox frame on the market, the Taniwha is designed as a complete system that aims to up the ante on long travel trail bike performance and change the way riders look at bike maintenance.

Building on a heritage of DH racing success, Zerode founder Rob Metz has combined modern geometry and cutting edge carbon manufacturing with the proven benefits of a gearbox to create a better riding experience.

With a high-quality gearbox from German brand Pinion, the bike has a massive gear range inside a sealed package that is nearly maintenance-free and offers dramatically improved ground clearance when the trails get rough and rowdy. Shifting is super fast and seamless across the gear range whether pedaling or coasting.

A simple, effective, and proven suspension platform combined with a fixed chain line optimizes pedaling performance through the entire travel range. The single speed rear hub and lack of derailleur minimize unsprung weight to further improve suspension performance and the symmetrical spoke angle ensures superb rear wheel stiffness.

“I have dedicated the last 13 years to promoting internal gearing as a smarter way to shift any bike, but mountain bikes, in particular, have the most to gain due to being constantly subjected to heavy abuse from environmental conditions and impacts. During this time, MTB riders have repeatedly asked for bikes with an integrated gearbox and as market trends have changed, carbon has become the defacto material for top shelf trail bikes. Zerode has combined both of these attributes into an attractive, modern-looking package that ticks off all the boxes for a high-performance bike,” says Neil Flock, founder of Cycle Monkey. “I am looking forward to working with Zerode to bring the next evolution of the mountain bike to the North American market!  As with all of the brands we represent, we will provide sales, technical, and warranty support to take care of Zerode customers.”

“Cycle Monkey is an ideal partner for us in the US. Neil has an unwavering commitment to changing the way riders look at their drivetrain, and as an avid trail rider himself, he really connects with our bikes,” said Rob Metz. “I am confident that the passion and attention to detail I have put into the design of our bikes will resonate with North American riders.”

Frames are currently offered in three sizes – M, L, XL – and will sell for $5000 as a module with frame, rear shock, gearbox, shifter, sprockets, and chain tensioner. Complete bikes will sell for $6500 for the standard build, $7700 for the Performance Build, and $9500 for the Premium build. Special introductory pricing is $500 off at $6000, $7200, and $9000 respectively. Available colors are matte black with gray decals, stealth graphite with yellow decals, and bluesky blue with grey decals.

Frames weigh in at 5.7-6.2 lbs (26-2800g) depending on size and complete bikes will weigh in starting at 30 lbs. For more details or to place a pre-order, visit

Deliveries are slated to begin in mid-May with a demo tour starting at the Sea Otter Classic April 20-23 (Booth 468-469). Cycle Monkey is currently looking for interested dealers and brand ambassadors.