1970’s Inspired Cycling Gloves

Gloria Hwang, one of the founders of Thousand Helmets, has a penchant for collecting vintage cycling accessories. On a trip to a flea market in Texas, she stumbled upon a set of crochet vintage cycling gloves paired with a baseball-card-sized profile of a professional cyclist.

cycling gloves

This flea market find inspired Gloria to attempt to recreate the gloves so that she could actually wear them while on bike rides. The gloves turned out even better than she had hoped, prompting her to put production in motion to make them available to the public.

There are 3 types of gloves available and each pair comes with a rare cycling card from the 1970’s (cards are randomly selected). The De Franc and Triumph ($36) gloves are made from goatskin with woven cotton, while the Builltt caramel gloves come with full goatskin leather and metal snap closures ($40).

Stay tuned for a review of one of their stylish commuter helmets. www.explorethousand.com