New Editions to be Unveiled at Sea Otter Classic April 20-23

Madison, WI – With more than 40 years in the bike industry, and as the company that introduced the first strap-on trunk rack in 1976, the Wisconsin-based bicycle rack manufacturer, Saris, knows that innovation waits for no one. Today they announced noteworthy improvements to their best-selling family of hitch racks, the Freedom and SuperClamp.

Saris is long known for their emphasis on design. The Madison-based company stayed true to this philosophy, as each of the four racks in the Freedom family received aesthetic enhancements. Sleek gray touch points and white decals on gloss black paint ensures that the Freedom and SuperClamp racks look good on any vehicle, and showcase the beauty of each bike it transports. This cool palette is further enhanced by the eye-catching reflectors featured on the SuperClamp 2- and 4-bike, along with the soon-to-be-released tilting Freedom 2-bike.

For the SuperClamp racks, the aesthetic upgrades merely scratch the surface on the impressive feature enhancements. The most exciting improvement adds tilting capabilities to the SuperClamp 2-bike’s signature low-profile, single-bar design with no frame contact. Just like it’s big brother, the SuperClamp 4-bike, the 2-bike can now tilt away from the vehicle, even when fully loaded, and folds up when not in use. Both platform racks have been outfitted with the new Saris universal wheel tray, a wheel holder that accommodates wheels up to 4.5”.

Look for a new Freedom 2-bike SKU that will also tout these feature improvements. “When we say we listen to our customers, we mean it,” said Product Manager, Sarah Reiter. “From tilting capabilities to making
access to the hatch easier to reflectors providing better visibility in day and night to an integrated bottle opener which makes everything about the cyclist’s adventure more fun – we heeded the requests of our consumers and worked with our in-house team of engineers to create solutions that not only function flawlessly, they look amazing too.”

The new SuperClamp hitch racks will be on display at this year’s Sea Otter Classic, a mountain-bike centric bike expo in Salinas, California. The Sea Otter Classic kicks off today and will continue through April 23rd. To check out the new SuperClamp and the restyled black and gray Freedom, visit booth #218.

For up-to-date information on when the SuperClamp EX 2-bike ($469.99), SuperClamp EX 4-bike ($849.99), Freedom 2-bike ($269.99) and Freedom 4-bike ($539.99) will be available near you, please contact your Saris distributor.