Civia, a Minneapolis based city-bike brand, has just introduced their ebike model, the Parkway. Inspired by casual rides along Minneapolis’ many tree-lined parkways, the Civia Parkway —step-thru and step-over—are designed with the mission of helping more people get out into their own cities and towns with confidence and style.

This new ebike represents the gateway to enjoying the space in between where these new riders are and where they’re going. The Parkway retails for $2,799.00 and features a lightweight, quiet and award winning (2017, Red Dot Design) e-assist system from Bosch’s Active Line.

The brain and the brawn behind any ebike is its power plant, and the Parkway’s motor prioritizes smaller size, lighter weight and efficiency as a seamless integration to the design of the new Civia e-bikes. The Parkway models offer four levels of acceleration support from Eco to Turbo. Coupled with a 9-spd rear derailleur each are ready to accommodate the rider’s needs or desired speed. Both models, however, max out at 20 mph, the maximum allowed speed for a Class 1 ebike. To speed or not-to-speed matters, depending on where you want to ride your bike.

The Civia Parkway is the perfect ebike for exploring the place you live, for fitness rides, or even no sweat crosstown commutes. “Research shows that most people who use an ebike enjoy the ride so much they ride longer and much more often than they would if they were riding an unassisted bicycle. Because of the positive experience, more often than not they also will choose the ebike as an alternative way to get around especially for short errands,”said Lisa Snyder, Civia’s Brand Manager.

Bosch’s Active Line design is compact, lightweight, and quite – the premium ebike brand’s smallest and quietest drive unit to date – for a clean look and little to distract from the ride experience. The Purion control is mounted near the handlebar grip and allows the rider to adjust assistance levels without letting go of the handlebar. With an easy-to-use, easy-to-read screen, you simply turn it on, press a button and GO!

The 5.5 lb PowerPack 400 frame battery is easily detached from the bike for recharging and features an integrated carrying handle. A fresh charge from empty takes 6.5 hours with the included Bosch compact charger, ensuring the Parkway will be ready for cruising with minimal downtime. A fully charged battery will last from 30-110 miles depending upon selected terrain assist modes, wind, total weight on the bike, and other elements that vary by rider and by ride conditions.

Whereas most electric bikes tip the scales at 50+ lbs, the svelte 43 lb Parkway is designed for a spirited ride; its handling the perfect blend of stable predictability and nimble fun. Without battery the Parkway weighs just under 38 lbs making it easy to lift onto a car bike rack if needed, or making it more freely transported up a flight of stairs.

The teal-colored step-thru version comes in three sizes ranging from extra small to medium and covers a height range of 5’-6’ tall. The clay grey step-over version is available in sizes ranging from small to large covering a range in height from 5’4 to 6’4. Rear rack mounts also make the Parkway a perfect ride for running errands. Bosch’s ultra-reliable electric motor makes hills are a snap and the easy-to-use components celebrate the elegance of an uncomplicated bicycle. ($2799,