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BICYCLIST | SoCal & Beyond

BICYCLIST | SoCal & Beyond
The Route

The Route: Let’s Ride PV 

Rancho Palos Verdes has some of the best coastal cycling in Southern California. Due to its proximity to the coast it’s usually cooler than any inland areas during the summer months. It has relatively light motor vehicle traffic and bike lanes on the busier roads.


How To Train During the Dark Winter Months 

Tedious hours spinning pedals and not going anywhere always bored me; that is until I used a program called Zwift for the first time during a trial period. Zwift is an online virtual world connecting indoor cyclists. They currently have three different courses, you don’t get to choose which course to ride but they rotate on different days of the week.

studio shot of ISM saddle

ISM PN 1.1 Saddle 

After the ISM nose-less saddle was installed on my bike, several people asked me whether I was a Tri-athlete. The distinctive style of ISM saddles seems to often be associated with Time Trial and Triathlons. However, I don’t run much and I certainly don’t swim….