Issue 136: Early Fall 2016

The fall is a special time for bicyclists on the west coast and especially in Southern California. With endless sunshine and events through to New Years, it truly is the land of 4 seasons riding. For fall, the category is cyclocross, and this year schedule is packed with events for both participants and spectators alike.
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Issue 135: Late Summer 2016

This summer has gifted fans of bike racing with the 2016 Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Tour de France couldn’t compete with the lure of Olympic gold, with some athletes leaving the TdF early to begin their Olympic preparations. Most notably Mark Cavendish, a world champion sprinter from the UK who won four stages of this year’s race, called it quits after the 16th stage. Though Cavendish was a favorite for the final stage of the tour and a sprint finish down the Champs-Élysées (a stage he previously won 4 times) Cav elected to bow out and prepare for Rio. Such is the draw of Olympic glory, second only to the over-all TdF winner in terms of prestige.
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Dromarti RACE ‘Black’

It’s refreshing to come across the Dromarti Race cycling shoes, a product that has durability and timelessness baked into the design. The Dromarti Race shoes provide the lightweight of lace-ups with the breathability and durability of natural leather. The natural ventilation properties of leather far surpass even the most modern synthetics, providing a shoe that keeps feet dry and funk-free, even on the hottest of southland summer days.
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studio shot of lubricant

Rock “N” Roll GOLD Chain Lubricant

As most chain lubricants require a cleaning step prior to application, Rock “N” Roll chain lubes stand out. It combines the two steps leaving one less thing to carry on a multi-day tour and one less thing to forget while traveling – not to mention the time-savings of being able to clean and lube at the same time. And all of this comes at a price well below the average of available alternatives.
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An Air of Confidence: Rally Cycling at the San Diego Wind Tunnel

We accompanied Rally Cycling to the San Diego Wind Tunnel earlier this month, and had the opportunity to see how the team uses the tunnel. Members of the team brought their bikes into the chamber and mounted them atop an aluminum platform that measures the effects on the static bike/rider combo by the forced air circulated by a 20-foot propeller on the other side of the building.
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mountain bike rider races downhill dirt trail in fontana

Winter Downhill Racing in SoCal

While downhill racers across the country waited for snow to thaw and ski-slopes to return to their summer shade of grassy-brown, SoCal racers have been enjoying the bluebird weekends in Fontana, racing in the Southridge Racing Winter Series. Organizers host a weekend of mountain-biking that have some participants choosing to camp for the two-day mountain-mash.
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