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BICYCLIST | SoCal & Beyond

BICYCLIST | SoCal & Beyond
Issue 142: Early Summer 2017

Issue 142: Early Summer 2017 

Another way to change your experience is by including a different type of cycling in your routine. Are you a commuter? Maybe now is the time to start training for a weekend race. Are you dedicated to dirt? Consider giving commuting a spin. Even just for a cup of coffee.


2017 Eroica California | Wandering The Starting Line 

Eroica California is an annual event on the coast of California that culminates on Sunday morning at 6:30 AM in downtown Paso Robles. The weekend features a festival with various cycling art installations, vintage swap meet and bike show, but the rubber meets the road on Sunday when participants gather to venture on the days adventure throughout the valleys and hills of the central coast.

The ENVE Team
Behind The Brand

A Peek Inside One Of The Most Innovative Cycling Manufacturing Facilities In The World: ENVE Composites 

ENVE Composites, maker of carbon wheel sets and frame components finished work on a massive 73,000 square foot factory and opened it up to the public for the first time this week. The wheel maker has been making wheels in Ogden, Utah with 168 employees for more than 10 years and the new mothership allows for a 4x increase in production. Ready to see inside?


By Design: SANS Seat Stay 

Changes to the rules of the international sanctioning body of cycling (UCI) now allow designs to eschew rear seat stays (frame component connecting rear fork and seat tube) -in search of added gains to the aerodynamics and increased internal storage of race-day food and tools.

The Route

The Los Alamos Mission Loop 

Take a trip back in time with a 35-mile loop beginning in Los Alamos and set around a visit to La Purisima mission, a state park and historical site. Beginning in Los Alamos, directly off HWY 101 between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, the 35-mile route takes you up notable climbs, Harris Grade Road and Drum Canyon Road.


Issue 137: Late Fall 2016 

Prologue For the 137 issue of the BICYCLIST experience, we’ve continued our charting of the routes and climbs with a fresh report from Los Alamos, California. The small town is located between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo and is a perfect backdrop for any…


Issue 136: Early Fall 2016 

The fall is a special time for bicyclists on the west coast and especially in Southern California. With endless sunshine and events through to New Years, it truly is the land of 4 seasons riding. For fall, the category is cyclocross, and this year schedule is packed with events for both participants and spectators alike.


The American in Search of Swiss Gold 

A conversation with ASSOS CEO Philip Duff. ASSOS has committed to providing uniforms for the USA Olympic team through 2020. We were interested in finding out how this all came about so we put in a call to Lugano, Switzerland to speak with Philip Duff directly – here’s what we found out.