The Trail Blazing Pedego Ridge Rider

The Ridge Rider is a mountain bike powered by an impressive 500 watt Dapu brushless geared rear hub motor. The bike has five levels of pedal assist (PAS) with a throttle override for full power on demand at each level plus a throttle-only mode. The motor was more than equal to any ascent that we attempted and the drivetrain and brakes performed with the excellence we expected of them.
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The e-Chariot

My friend Ron’s granddaughter is a precocious nine years old with a penchant for mechanical things. She conceived the e-Chariot to be a vehicle that would allow her family, including her 12-year-old physically challenged sister Hailey, to bicycle together.
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DIY E-Commuters: Get Started on Building Up Your Own ‘Franken’ ebike

Many excellent bike shops in Southern California already sell e-commuters, with more retailers adding them their inventory every month. So then why would anyone want to assemble a do-it-yourself (DIY) e-bike when there are scores of superb OEM models available? The reasons, many and varied, include the cost savings, the assurance that the conversion of a bike that already fits you perfectly will continue to do so as an e-bike, a new hobby, the feeling of accomplishment and an intimate knowledge of the functional parameters of your bike.
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Urban Exploring: Beyond Basics – ABUS GRANIT Plus 640

The ABUS Granit PLUS 640 is one of two ABUS locks that I use on a regular basis. As a D-shaped U-lock, it is a classic option for reliable and proven protection. It is light enough and small enough to carry in a bag, but stout enough to protect your bike from theft. The shackle, which is double bolted into the lock body and made of 12mm hardened steel, is also coated in rubber so that it will not damage the finish on your bicycle. The lock itself weighs less than 900 grams, which is quite light considering the amount of protection it provides.
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eleven pine uprising

ELEVENPINE Uprising: The Everywear Men’s Shorts

Enter Jeff Curran, owner of ELEVENPINE, who offers relief from the ignominy of this lycra adversity with his new, patented “Uprising” shorts. This model is form-fit, but not Spandex-tight, and can also be worn for more leisurely activities. Constructed of a light, comfortable fabric, the shorts have an elastic waistband with drawstring, and two front pockets with zippers.
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State Bicycle Co. Deluxe Pulsar 29er

It was obvious from the handling characteristics that State had studied frame geometry thoroughly. The biggest surprises were the Vigilante tires which had minimal rolling resistance on the road but hooked up well in the dirt and the front fork which afforded a scrumptious magic carpet conveyance over impediments in the trail.
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